Course structure and content

The duration of the CLUES MSc programme is 1 year, comprising one semester with core and elective courses and an internship in research laboratories, public administrations or private companies. The courses of the first semester are detailed below.

The first semester is organized into 3 core modules on:

  •     Biosphere-climate interactions at local to global scales
  •     Global agronomy, land-use planning and modelling
  •     The assessment of ecosystem services

Other compulsory courses include an introduction to climate systems, the response of ecosystems to global changes, and a course on the social, policy and economic aspects of climate change mitigation. Elective courses include numerical modelling, urban agriculture, or soil organic matter management, or Natural resources, food security and poverty alleviation.

Modification date: 09 October 2023 | Publication date: 23 October 2014 | By: Benoît GABRIELLE